Grant Overview

2018 grants open March 1 -- Filing deadline is April 19, 2019!!
You can download a PRINTABLE copy of the grant application,

With the sole mission to promote quality education in the Darlington County School District, the Darlington County Education Foundation honors exceptional teachers and outstanding students by focusing on three key objectives:

  • Recruiting Quality Educators in every classroom in the district
  • Retaining High Quality, Experienced, and Passionate Educators
  • Rejuvenating Meaningful, Purposeful, and Challenging Student Learning

These objectives will be achieved through grants awarded to district faculty and staff for district sanctioned activities which are outside the financial support of the school site and/or general operating budget. The purpose is to provide grants to support teachers in enhancing the education experience for students through research-based best practices and activities that would otherwise be unavailable. Educators will be rewarded for making a difference by demonstrating excellence and creativity in Darlington County School District. The Darlington County Education Foundation recognizes teachers' passions and commitment to improve their skills and increase their effectiveness in providing a better learning environment for Darlington County students. It is the intent of the Darlington County School District that these grants continue to inspire teachers and serve as a catalyst for a lifetime of learning.

  • Grants will favor proposals for specific projects and programs, rather than general operations, that will serve the teachers and students while enhancing the quality of life in Darlington County.
  • Proposals should emphasize help to the students to become more productive citizens with sound personal values and the ability and desire to make positive contributions to Darlington County.
  • The Darlington County Education Foundation seeks to fund grants that will have significant and lasting impacts, and it will give priority to grant applicants for programs that will receive ongoing support from the applicant.
  • Prospective grantees are encouraged to provide innovative collaborations and partnerships which respond to the needs of Darlington County students.
Funding Guidelines
  • Individual teacher grants, not to exceed $500, will fund unique learning opportunities for students and teachers.
  • Grants for innovative instructional programs, not to exceed $1,500, will be funded involving a designated school site group or collaborative team.
  • School-based grants for programs with a building-wide impact, not to exceed $3,000, will be funded.
  • Special project grants, not to exceed $10,000, for programs with a district-wide emphasis will be funded.
  • Awards will be granted only to schools and personnel of the Darlington County School District.
  • In awarding grants, consideration will be given to the availability of funds and the impact of the amount requested.
Application Guidelines
  • Applications should clearly and concisely describe the project, number of students who will benefit each year for the grant's duration, and anticipated positive benefits.
  • The Darlington County Education Foundation will acknowledge each grant application it receives. Once grant materials have been received, they remain the property of the Foundation.
  • Applications are evaluated according to a weighted scoring process by our Committee. During this process, additional information may be requested from the applicant or school administrators. Once scored, the Committee will make recommendations for awards to The Darlington County Education Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Grant award notifications will occur via email. Grant award declinations will occur via letter to the applicant. All applicants may request and receive feedback.
  • At the completion of the grant period, any unexpended funds will be returned to The Darlington County Education Foundation.
  • The Darlington County School District may request a site visit.
  • Audits may be required of all grants.
  • Grantees will be asked to conduct a formal self-evaluation at the end of the grant period including a written report. Reports may be required at other times during the grant period as well.
  • The grant applications are made with the understanding and approval that representatives of The Darlington County Education Foundation may make unannounced visits to your school and/or office to review your records and other operational information.